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Padang Padang Surf RipCurl Cup 2012 Start twenty-four hours

Padang Padang Surf RipCurl Cup 2012 can be srtart within twenty-four hours. A large Indian Ocean wave current tracking of Padang Padang Bali Surf, and director of the contest is a potential target Thursday morning began Tuberiding Ultimate Contest.

Thirty-two surfers are invited sixteen of the best of Indonesia and the world's top sixteen riders tube current standing in the Bukit Peninsula Bali, waiting to catch this wave.

According to the official event forecaster Seaweed, Magic, swell is expected to land in Bali late Wednesday night and build up quickly, peaking Thursday afternoon. The latest figures are inflated to read ten faces southwest seventeen seconds, which comes from two hundred and five degree angle. Tides look good to Padang on Thursday, with most of the morning low tide and high tide is only in the afternoon.

surfing Outer Reefs find high

This morning at 06:45 with a picture of surfing Outer Reefs here in Tuban to find high waves had retreated a little more here, on the western side of Bali. Just plug in the bottom of the low at the time that the Middle Reef is the only option. And it looks to be at least 20 surfers out there. Surfing conditions were clean as it gets to the SE coast of the Trade winds are blowing in the 8-10knot.

Padang Padang Surf 2012

Padang Padang Surf

Welcome back Ernesto Kelly at Padang Padang Surf, some Barrels Surf Surf Padang Padang, Bali interesting and riveting. They almost hold Padang Padang Surf Cup that day, but then decided to just run an expression session. today is to take photos so I did not bring my tripod so that all the footage shot by a human hand, so sometimes a little wobbly. Shot with a Canon 7D with 50mm 1.4.

Video Surf By Ernesto Kelly

Music by: RSPN by Blank & Kytt

RipCurl Cup Expression Session on Thursday

RipCurl Cup

Padang Padang Surf - RipCurl Cup Expression Session on Thursday, July twenty-six yesterday. Swell number two of the waiting period Padang, Barel decorate dream

Rizal out of Padang Padang Surf Bali spitter depth impossible to believe all the people on the beach. Bethany Hamilton is filled through a gaping pair of 6-footer and prove that he could most definitely hang with the kids out in Padang Padang surf Bali, and more than a set of scrolling through the two surfers slotted deep inside the same wavelength. The surfer would like you to tell us who the standouts are and should you feel inclined to express yourself head on over to the voting page here. There is a little more on this swell mechanism.

No scores. No jerseys. No wave count. Just the guys (and one girl) in this year's contest trying to get as barreled as possible at Padang Padang Surf Info.

Padang Padang Surf Four Days Of Perfection Bali Emerald

Padang Padang Surf Bali This type of day seemed to only belong to the Padang Padang Surf of yesteryear, Luckily, the famed left is still more than capable of producing some of the world’s most beautiful waves.

Perfection arrived day after day with southeast trade winds blowing and the sunshine cooking anyone sitting on the beach. Padang Padang beach also has some of the most beautiful women in the world tanning themselves on a daily basis.

The regular Padang Padang Surf expats like Joe showed up and took their turns mixed in with the Bali boys. The rest were left with no choice but to scrap for the leftovers.The late-season October swell caught many surfers under-gunned, Those who were on the ball scored all day sessions, as the Bukit Peninsula reefs fired for four days straight.

One surfer locks into an intense drive through a green, late afternoon grinder. Sometimes the best waves don’t get instantly snatched up by the pros. Surf team manager Sasha Stocker slices through Padang for the four day in a row of the phenomenal swell.

An unknown goofyfooter racks up some tube time during one of the many uncrowded sessions at Padang Padang Surf during the four day swell, The hardest working surfer in Indonesia is Bali’s Mustafa Jekson, and he doesn’t have a major sponsor. Anyone wanting a hot and hard working young kid should probably think about sponsoring this guy. Photo by Jason Childs.

 Source: Sfg/2012/24th/July

Padang Padang Surf Sneak Preview July 19th 2012

Padang Padang Surf

Padang Padang Surf - Awakened Padang on Thursday and a pack of tube maestros in this year's Rip Curl Cup got a solid expression of warm-up session in before the main event.

The swell fired up over night to reveal perfect four to five foot sets at Padang Padang at first light on Thursday. However, with a large high Quickly rising tide all morning and long waits Between sets, the contest was called off for the day. Meanwhile, swarms of people showed up to Padang Padang beach on Thursday in Hopes of watching the Ultimate Tuberiding Contest.

You could hardly put one foot down on the sand without stepping on someone. All the spectators on the beach were treated to a sneak preview of the Padang Cup. A pack of this year's contestants Including Rizal Tanjung, Bol Adi Putra, Garut Widiarta, Bruno Santos, Kalani Chapman and Anthony Walsh got barreled all silly.

Flynn Novak and Mustofa Jeksen even shared a double barrel and got spit out onto the shoulder together. Half of this year's 32 invited surfers were out there warming up tube Their stance and putting on a show. If you think Thursday's spitting tubes look good, just wait until They hold the contest

Made Lana and Wayan Gobleg Ripcurl Cup 2012 at Padang Padang

Padang Padang Surf - Indonesian and international shark barrel this event was held two open slots for local surfers. Lana made ​​and Wayan Gobleg reaffirm their status at the top of the hierarchy of Uluwatu topping the scoreboard and get a wildcard berth into the main event of the RipCurl Cup 2012Made lana (surfer and a pack of fire Wayan Gobleg schooled young local surfers in the Trials of the hill for the Rip Curl Cup 2012 Padang Padang Surf.

Held at Uluwatu is more open than the contest site Padang fingers swell of dense wave rolled down to provide a point of taste to come. After several weeks of slow surfing ahead of the weekend before the opening ceremony this Wednesday and Thursday morning (July 18 and 19) saw a second peak in the forecast. - Unfortunately, it is expected to reach record right in the middle of the night. It is possible that the event might be gone but we describe our problems by prophecy here. In the end it calls for the directors of the contest and whatever happens it will give one dose to wave the Mount.

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Bali is an Indonesian island located at the westernmost tip of the Lesser Sunda Islands, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east.Long-period waves past the Balangan, Dreamland, Bingin, Impossibles, Padang Padang, Uluwatu long reef at low tide. Usually there are three parts separated by a straight bit of coral, so it was caught behind the curtain is given. Seemed the perfect image of the cliff, but the reality is that fast is impossible at some point in the wave. There are several waves of Type Balangan, Dreamland, Bingin, Impossibles, Padang Padang, Uluwatu often have a cluster at the end of the wave through the channel from Padang and also near the shelf at the end, but many people think about this issue. Able to ride high when it gets warbly and full - low is going to make it through the barrel a lot. Just paddle out as the Padang, while getting over a sharp reef low tide is best done in booties.
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